Joyce Miller was born January 4, 1952 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Following her dream to become an elementary school teacher and have an effect on future generations she graduated Temple University with a degree in Elementary Education in 1973.

Today she is a mother and grandmother who continues to desire to have a positive effect on generations to come.

On January 4, 2007 the morning of her fifty fifth birth day she woke up and composed the story of Sweet Old Sadie, a woman who also loved children but was not blessed to be surrounded by a loving family on her birthday the way Joyce was.

Five years later she decided to publish this sweet and meaningful story which will be followed by two more tales of characters who also live on Lavender Lane.

At sixty years of age Ms. Miller is happy to begin a successful new career as a children's book author.

Lavender Lane Children’s Book Series

Sweet Old Sadie

When the children of Lavender Lane go out to play every week on a special day they smell the wonderful smell of Miss Sadie s baking. They go to her house and see Miss Sadie and her cat and her mouse and experience her wonderful treats. They love this sweet lady. One day Miss Sadie's shades are drawn and her door closed.

The children are disappointed, worried, and frightened for her. They knock on her door. She answers and what she tells them makes them sad. They realize that it s time for them to give back to her. Sweet Old Sadie is an opportunity to open communication between the generations. It is an opportunity to teach lessons of love and generosity, reciprocity, resourcefulness, and celebration. It is an opportunity to make memories with the young ones in your life.
HTML5 Icon Sadie will remind you of a favorite woman in your life, or a woman you wished for in your life, or maybe the woman you hope to be in your life.

She bakes, has an iPhone, and a lavender cat and mouse who like each other! Everyone loves her and you and the children in your life will too. Sweet Old Sadie is a story told in rhyme and colorful illustrations.

It is the first in a series of Lavender Lane books written by Joyce Miller and illustrated by Melinda Patrick. Each one tells a story of a neighbor and how he or she relates and interacts with the children on the block. Each character has a unique story that explains who they are today and paves the way for dialogue on important subjects.

Invisible Jim

Little Jim was tormented by bullying. He hid his hurt under his hat and continued to be a victim. He never came out until as a man, he was befriended by the children of Lavender Lane. Their friendship ended his loneliness.

He told them his story and taught them a lesson about how much and how long bullying hurts. Invisible Jim is the second in the Lavender Lane series of rhyming picture books and it is the perfect vehicle to a dialogue about bullying.


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